Send us your old seat covers and we will make you a new set from the original material. You can put these covers on yourself with a little manual skill without the help of a saddler. If you do not trust yourself to do this, visit your saddler on site.

You can also send us your complete interior and we will restore it for you. While we help you to make a real classic out of your oldtimer, you can continue to “tinker away” with your oldtimer and save several weeks in which the old barn treasure spends time in different trades.

For many vehicles we also have the original cutting patterns for the interior fittings, including carpets and convertible tops. In these cases we do not need any samples or parts from you. We simply make the interior out of the desired material.
Up to now we were not able to refurbish a classic car per mouse click from a distance.
We are working hard at it!
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As enthusiasts we know how difficult it is to obtain original fabrics.